"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ~ Mary Oliver

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life is long (still) . . .

“every day is a good day,” at least that is what Juliana Koo says after turning 110 on her birthday, September 27th. 250 people celebrated along with her at the Pierre Hotel in NYC. She still plays and sometimes wins at mah-jongg three times a week. Her second daughter, Genevieve Young, just turned 85, two […]


“life is long” . . .

“Life is long”. . . a woman speaker told us at one of the Wednesday morning assemblies when I was a scholarship student at Smith College in the ’60′s. She talked about how important this idea was because as women, we might have to put the care of others ahead of ourselves. And that there […]

“my life belongs to me” . . .

Charlize Theron (in June, 2015 issue of ELLE, UK magazine): “For me, the greatest success of my life, and something that I am really proud of, is that through my career, or through love, or through friendships, or through relationships – I have lived my life authentically to me, . . . Meaning, I take […]

an early blanket chest . . . and a new lease on life!

  Looking back, I think that one’s thoughts about life go in phases. For example, for the few years before I turned seventy, I found myself preoccupied with cleaning the house and disposing of things so the chore wouldn’t be left to my family afterwards. I read clips about “four boxes” – getting all of […]

“hi-protein” life! . . .

  My birthday was this week. It’s not a big deal to me and serves primarily as an internal milestone to adjust my life in ways that are easier and more enjoyable. So instead of waiting for New Year’s to make resolutions, I decided to make some on that day. Short and simple: DO more […]

living the good life . . .

I’ve just finished reading “Loving and Leaving the Good Life,” a memoir written by Helen Nearing after the death of her husband, Scott Nearing (at the age of 100.) She died in 1997 and their books remain classics of the “back to the land” movement before others lived a life of self-sufficiency in a modern […]

a life of our own . . .

  Fate wasn’t done with us when G. and I met over twenty-three years ago. When I say that “life is long” it’s meant with an amazement that we would meet later in life almost past middle age, and have been together so long ever since. Today is our nineteenth wedding anniversary from a day when […]

‘unexamined life’ . . .

Gee, today, I read a comment in the NYTimes that someone writing about herself was ‘self-absorbed’ because they wrote in the first person. I began to wonder if that’s how I come across in my posts when I ruminate about things that happen in my life. When is a journal or memoir besmirched by the […]

the saori in life . . .

I’ve been interested in saori weaving for a long time, having seen it at a shop that taught this kind of Japanese weaving in my town years ago. The irregularity of the weaving and use of color appealed to someone like me who eschews structure when I can manage it and who also likes to […]

web of life . . .

Last week, G. pointed out a spider web that could be seen outside our kitchen window as he was making coffee in the morning. I was reading my email and answered absently. That evening, as I was measuring out the coffee for after dinner, I glanced out the window and was astonished to see a […]