a banana cream pie . . .


I’ve never made a banana cream pie before. But whenever I have bananas that need a new life, I usually make a banana nut bread from my trusty McCall’s cookbook that I bought fifty years ago. Last night, I was reading online for some alternative recipes like a zucchini-banana bread, which sounded good and then a recipe for banana cream pie popped up. Hah! I thought to myself, what a cool idea – literally, creamy and cool!

So, here’s the recipe I used, adding another layer of bananas on top of the custard after it cooled. The store-bought pie crust shrank so much when I pre-baked it that I decided to bake another one and piece them together to make a larger pie crust. After all, it doesn’t really matter if the pie crust is crumbly – it’s supposed to be, right? Since the egg yolks looked rather small, I added a fourth one to the custard.

I covered the pie with saran wrap and put it in the fridge. I’ll wait to whip up just enough fresh cream for the individual slices when  we’re ready to have them tonight. This way, the whipped cream topping doesn’t soften prematurely and will taste fresh each time we partake a slice of pie. Sound good? I had to taste the custard filling and while it was a little sweet, it tasted divine! Since the whipped cream will be natural without any sweetening, I think the combo will be just right.

Can’t wait to have it tonight for dessert! YUM!