white peach pie with homemade crust! . . .

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George and I are going to make a housewarming visit to Caitlin and Tom’s new place in Gloucester tomorrow. To celebrate, I made a peach pie this morning. Up to now, I’ve been using Pepperidge Farm crusts and leaving it at that. For this one, I decided to make a homemade crust which looks absolutely fabulous, but also takes “a village” of time and effort.

So here’s what went into it. I peeled and cut up 5 ripe white peaches. I much prefer them over yellow ones. Letting the ripe peaches sit in boiled water for a few minutes, then rinsing them in cold water will allow for the peel to come off very easily.

Added a little flour, sugar and cinnamon to the fruit and let it sit while I made the pie crust from scratch. Scratch, it turns out, includes BOTH 6 tsp. very cold unsalted butter and 2/3 cup of very cold Crisco. To 2 1/2 cups of flour, I used a pastry cutter and hand blended the cold fats into the flour until it was mixed. Added 1/2 cup of ice water gradually and mixed it together. Hand shaped the pastry into two disks, wrapped in saran wrap and chilled it for 2 HOURS.

Took the dough out, rolled out the first disk for the bottom crust and laid it in an aluminum pie pan. Filled it with the peaches, dotted with unsalted butter on top, and then cut lattice strips to make a woven top. Added remaining pastry to the outside crust and crimped it to make it pretty. Added strips of aluminum foil to cover the outside pastry rim to prevent burning. Also brushed the lattice top and edge with egg wash and sprinkled on a little sugar.

Baked the pie in a 375 degree oven for 35 min. and then raised the temp to 400 and baked until golden brown. Doesn’t it look divine? Will serve it with some Breyers HOMEMADE vanilla ice cream. YUM YUM.