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macro-bowl #3 . . .


So tonight, we’re branching out a little bit – from the two previous macro-bowls with freshly cooked brown/sweet rice. Instead, I’m going to cook a batch of cellophane noodles added to ground pork, soy and cooking sherry. Green onions and a little chicken broth to help it all meld together. This recipe is known as “ants crawling up a tree” – but don’t ask me why. All I know is that it’s a tasty dish that we enjoy.

At the same time that’s simmering on the stove as it cooks down, pieces of cut up chicken thighs marinated in Korean Bulgogi barbecue sauce are broiling in the oven. In a small skillet, some zucchini squash is pan fried to round out the one-bowl meal.macro-bowl-3-c

[“Ants crawling up a tree:” Soak cellphane noodles in warm water until soft. Cut into smaller pieces with a knife. Marinate a quarter cup of ground fresh pork with soy, cooking sherry and a spoonful of cornstarch. Mix well – (the cornstarch will tenderize the pork as it cooks.) Cut up a stalk or two of green onions. Heat up some vegetable oil in a skillet; brown the ground pork and separate. Add more soy, sherry and chicken broth until well mixed. Cook until all liquid is absorbed.]macro-bowl-3-b



a ‘not-turkey’ dinner . . .

Dinner 4

Tonight I prepared a one-dish supper similar to Japanese Sukiyaki:

  1. Sauteed fresh scallions, garlic, spinach, bean sprouts and snow peas- added a little soy/mirin/dashi sauce; set aside.
  2. Soaked 2 packets of dried cellophane noodles until soft, cut into pieces and sauteed in clean pan with a little vegetable oil – added 1 tablespoon soy and mirin with a dab of sugar – mixed well and set it aside. dinner 1
  3. Marinated two thin-sliced ribeye pieces of beef in soy and mirin – heated grill on top of stove, seared over high heat, took off grill and added a little light brown sugar – then seared the other side of the beef until just cooked, rare to medium rare and removed to a cutting board. Dinner 2
  4. In skillet, mixed together the fried cellophane noodles with the vegetables and heated until steaming, then put into a shallow serving bowl.
  5. Sliced the rare ribeye into strips and placed on top of the vegetable noodle mixture.
  6. Served and ate with chopsticks along with a very cold beer.

“Not-turkey” never tasted so good!