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improv jasmine rice dish! . . .

Tonight, it’s a little less humid than it’s been, but it’s still pretty warm. At the local seafood mart, I settled for some frozen Cape scallops when the frozen crabmeat I usually buy there wasn’t the same brand – and it said “Jonah crab” – what’s that?!?

I didn’t want to make a heavy side dish to accompany the scallops, each little nugget worth its weight in gold, cooked in butter, garlic and fresh parsley – and I finally settled on making a rice pilaf kind of dish using jasmine rice. Instead of cooking it in a rice cooker, I found some tips to finely grate some fresh garlic and fresh ginger root into an olive oil, butter mixture in a pot with a lid. As it gave off its aroma, I measured in about 3/4 cup of jasmine rice and stirred it around in the pot until the grains were coated. Then, I added a cup and a half of hot chicken stock and stirred to combine. At the very end, I threw in a handful of golden raisins!

The rice cooked for awhile and I stirred it with a spatula so it wouldn’t stick. After it steamed for awhile and absorbed all of the broth, I stirred it again and lifted the lid for the rice to settle in and for the liquid to evaporate. I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but it was a hit – chewy grains of flavorful rice and plump golden raisins!

Very tasty! And as easy as could be to make!


charmed again . . .

happy spring!

So from today’s events, I am wondering if I might be having a lucky streak. This afternoon, I told G. that I was going to do my food shopping for our supper at the Vietnamese grocery in town because it was so much cheaper than going to chain stores. It’s not in the safest part of town, but I drove the back way going by the local college a few blocks down from the shop and found a parking space directly across the street. It had suffered a fire a few years back and it’s been awhile before being rebuilt and back in business again.

Inside, I bought a few things: a pack of fresh chicken thighs, a couple of slender Japanese eggplants, a head of garlic, a bunch of scallions, a dozen jumbo brown eggs and 8-10 very large shrimp to stir fry with garlic, scallions and ginger tonight. That was enough fresh ingredients for two dinners and then some. When I was checking out, the cashier gave me a broad smile and started chanting at me, “You very lucky! lucky! lucky!” I was mystified but then she told me my total bill was $11.11. She kept going, “very lucky! four eights or four ones together: very lucky!” The other customers around me smiled too.

Walking back to my car, I thought about this little bit of hoopla and chuckled to myself. Maybe I am lucky, I said to myself. We’ll see. It’s hard to believe so many high quality ingredients could be had for just $11.11, let alone that the numbers symbolized good luck, don’t you think?