proving yourself (part 2). . .

I’ve been writing a couple of heavyweight posts lately. But today I had a good laugh and wanted to share it on the blog.
Here it is:

Up to the time my mother died at the age of 89, she was fond of relating an apocryphal story about herself, one that she was very proud of. In China, during college, she was a track star for her school, Ginling College. Her specialty was running the hurdles–you know, the racetrack is filled with wooden barriers about three feet high, set a few feet apart from each other so the racer took only a few strides (and in stride) before having to jump another hurdle quickly after clearing the last one.

So the story she told was that she ran the hurdles and won– when she was seven months pregnant with me!

Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me! LOL!

Honestly, I think she told this story in my presence at least once a year up to and including the year she died!