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Apparently, eating better and less is not enough to get healthier, fast! Half an hour of “vigorous exercise” would do it, though, my doctor opines. The ankle I broke last year has 13 plates and screws in it which inhibits me from jumping around, running or even walking fast. But never fear. I decided to walk to the post office today and back. We live on top of a (very) high hill. So getting there (going downhill) was relatively easy. Getting back was another story.


The real benefit of walking during this mid-Springtime is that it’s easier to notice that the flowering trees are all in bloom and there are lots of flowers growing on the ground as I pass by.

On my trek to the post office, I saw: white johnny jump-ups, lilies of the valley, daffodils and narcissus, of course, lots of dandelions, azalea, dogwood, weeping cherry, crabapple blossoms, apple blossoms, pear blossoms, forsythia and a magnificent magnolia tree (white and so glorious!)

Purple and white lilacs are out, honeysuckle and this morning, I noticed that the wisteria in front of the barn is awash in lavender tendrils for the first time!



spring flowers . . .

DSCN5078We’ve been lucky this Spring with daffodils and narcissus blossoming all over the garden. There are many varieties of flowers–doubles, tinted centers, white ones, bright yellow ones, orange fringes, all beautifully fragrant. I usually leave them all outside but a few of them had flopped over and so I cut them and put them in a shino pottery vase by the kitchen window.

persimmons . . .

DSCN4374I don’t know about you but I look forward to this time of year because persimmons appear in the markets. There are two kinds of persimmons: the hard, squat ones that you can eat called fuyu; and the graceful pointed ones that will pucker up your mouth something awful if you are impatient and eat them before they turn almost to mush when they are ripe. These are called hachiya persimmons, are hard to find and can also be expensive when you come across them. They’re worth it though.

Because they are purchased hard, I usually have them lined up in my kitchen window to ripen. My daughter, M. exclaimed when I showed her my kitchen on Skype the other day, murmuring that she remembered them Read the rest of this entry »