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christmas plantings . . .

Caitlin's planter reduxSometimes I find myself holding on to things that were given to us at Christmas one year and refresh them with new plantings. Here’s a box with “Joy” that Caitlin and Tom gave us a few years ago (when we made the Judy Rodgers’ roast chicken with bread salad for Christmas Eve.) Here it is replanted with a few narcissus paperwhite bulbs.

And, at the Stop and Shop in Shrewsbury this afternoon, I happened upon a small poinsettia similar to those impressionistic ones that I posted the other day.little poinsettia in iron urn


a lovely poinsettia bloom. . .


These are my favorite variety of poinsettias.

I don’t know if they have a name but they look like someone waved an impressionist magic wand over them. Kind of scarce too – so when I saw these at Stop & Shop this week, I had to get them!

They’re in a flower cutting basket that reflect in the mirror behind it.

Christmas must be approaching!