charmed . . .

freed at last

Have you ever had something that you thought was bad happen to you, and it turned out to be something really good instead?

The other day, I was preoccupied, driving on a country lane while measuring distances to put onto directions for a friend who would be visiting soon. I passed a police car on the side of the road but thought little about it until he pulled me over about a mile past where he had been sitting. Turns out I was going over the 30 mile an hour speed limit. I was annoyed with myself and also resigned as I opened the glove compartment of the car to give him my registration. Turned out that the registration was out of date too. Fortunately, my husband, G. had taped a “State Troopers Are Our Friends” placard on the window behind the driver side. I guess this has saved him from getting a ticket in the past. It seemed to work this time Read the rest of this entry »