a ‘not-turkey’ dinner . . .

Dinner 4

Tonight I prepared a one-dish supper similar to Japanese Sukiyaki:

  1. Sauteed fresh scallions, garlic, spinach, bean sprouts and snow peas- added a little soy/mirin/dashi sauce; set aside.
  2. Soaked 2 packets of dried cellophane noodles until soft, cut into pieces and sauteed in clean pan with a little vegetable oil – added 1 tablespoon soy and mirin with a dab of sugar – mixed well and set it aside. dinner 1
  3. Marinated two thin-sliced ribeye pieces of beef in soy and mirin – heated grill on top of stove, seared over high heat, took off grill and added a little light brown sugar – then seared the other side of the beef until just cooked, rare to medium rare and removed to a cutting board. Dinner 2
  4. In skillet, mixed together the fried cellophane noodles with the vegetables and heated until steaming, then put into a shallow serving bowl.
  5. Sliced the rare ribeye into strips and placed on top of the vegetable noodle mixture.
  6. Served and ate with chopsticks along with a very cold beer.

“Not-turkey” never tasted so good!