past and present. . .

I don’t know what got me thinking recently about an old set of sterling silver that I had a long time ago. It was a very simple trifid pattern and there were, I think, at least a set of six or eight place settings in a worn, black leather case that zipped up. I remember that I impulsively (and generously!) gave it away in one of my cleaning out “less is more” phases. Since then, I found some inexpensive forks at an antique shop in Essex, MA. that also have a delicate curved trifid pattern–very simple and elegant to behold and to use. Over time, I’ve looked and tried to find out what the markings on the backs of both patterns were but didn’t get very far.

Yesterday, I had some time on my hands while waiting for someone. So I found myself on eBay scrolling through about forty pages of listings for “vintage silver forks.” Past page twenty-five appeared a two-place setting of forks, spoons, tablespoons and knives marked with a hotel mark from Europe. They were a Read the rest of this entry »