getting to ‘there’. . .

by mulberryshoots

I don’t know about you but I like to have things caught up before I embark on a project that I want to do for myself. The house has to be picked up and the refrigerator cleaned out. I’m not sure if guys feel the same way though. I read somewhere about the difference between guy and girl brains; something to do with the amygdala being different sizes or something. There might be clues in our DNA too. I don’t think guys feel like they have to wash the dishes before they go and tinker with the car, for example.

I’m not dissing guys, I’m talking about how self-critical we women can be about what we expect from ourselves. Last year, I spent weeks cleaning out the closets, taking things to Goodwill, lugging boxes to the consignment shop, changing cotton sheets to flannel before I could get to re-writing my novel. Maybe for me and other women, we’re good at putting off doing what we really want to do. I noticed that G. procrastinates when it’s something he doesn’t feel like doing.

The ‘there’ we want to get to today keeps moving so that it is still there waiting for us tomorrow. If we wait until we get ‘there,’ we might forget what matters most. I have days when I think the book is just not going to happen. There are other days, (like today) when I feel buoyed by its progress. The opening chapters are now headed in the right direction. In about six weeks, the book may finally be done–just in time for Mother’s Day!

So there!