the glass still full. . .

by mulberryshoots

I just got scammed. Okay, maybe that’s too harsh a word to put on it, but I was taken for a ride, at least. On a train named “Ego.” I met some people who complimented me on my writing: the blogs and my holdings about women needing to wake up to live their own lives, rather than waiting too long to do it.

Sometimes I can be over-generous. Naive in my desire to believe in people’s sincerity and goodwill. Well, this time it ended quickly. I’m disappointed but I learned my lesson. When people think your work is worthwhile, think again. It’s still what I think of it that matters in the end.

Putting ego aside, and after I got over feeling foolish, I asked myself what I thought about my work. And I’m happy to say that I still think it’s a worthwhile pursuit. I’m just going to give it a (big) rest!

And go and knit a new sweater. HaHa