when we appear in the mirror. . .

by mulberryshoots

Have you ever found yourself in a situation observing someone else’s behavior, and suddenly realize that sometimes you behave like that yourself? This is what I call, an “OMG” moment. When a mirror appears before you with images bounced around a situation in someone else’s life, it’s easy to miss seeing our own reflection. Some enduring mysteries of our own lives stem from this kind of avoidance, at least it has for me.

Is this a kind of stubborn self-denial? in order to stay hidden to ourselves as though we have Harry Potter’s “magic cloak of invisibility” wrapped tightly around us? Or, is it simply a way to avoid seeing ourselves the way others might see us most of the time? Once, we start to consider that perhaps there is some truth to the revelations of that mirror, we can either deny it and keep going; or we can look in that mirror and say, “OMG.”

I vote for the “OMG” path. Mainly because none of us is getting any younger. And if we want to live with some kind of personal integrity for the rest of our lives, it’s necessary to take off that cloak of invisibility that we have wrapped around our self-knowledge to ourselves, and to face the music. Before it’s too late to change the wobbly axis on which we move around our world, mystified sometimes by how life turned out or why others treat us badly. It’s us after all, not them. Which is what I had thought and was afraid of all along. But it’s not too late to use this newly found self-awareness and to put one foot in front of the other in a different way, is it?

In this particular instance, it’s a kind of relief that I feel, after feeling somewhat horrified at first and then chastened. We all have delusions of one sort or another. It’s what we do with them that matters, someone said. Or was that hardships they were talking about?