the Sage within. . .

by mulberryshoots

I am reminded with awe today of how the Cosmos helps us to come to right conclusions for us and for others. As a human, I often find myself taking stock of a situation on a personal basis, for example, whether someone is listening or responsive to something that is important to me. Or whether an urge to be helpful or to smooth things over for someone is truly what is needed most, or just a bandaid full of potential for future misunderstandings.

In the I-Ching, there are Helpers and there is the Sage. In my study and reliance on this ancient resource, I feel that there is an external Sage, a larger than life entity full of wisdom that is quiet and there for us, but because it is silent, open to all kinds of interpretations and misinterpretations if you know what I mean. Then, there is what I believe is its resonant chord in us: our Sage within. This is the inner Sage that is grounded and steady, unwavering when we test it with all kinds of assumptions, desires, fears and anxieties. It is within to guide us only if we stay silent and listen to what its message is. Sometimes there is a lot of noise that surrounds a conundrum we are struggling with, but our inner Sage will eventually emerge if we are patient and pay attention when it speaks to us.

What a consolation this concept of the Sage is in times when our brains flit all over the place, intellectually trying to make lists, cross them out and try to reconcile opposites that don’t fit into our comfort level. It’s sometimes easy to forget about this inner Sage. But, it can save us each time to know what the right thing is for us to do or not do.

As right as rain, which washes everything clean again.