one day at a time. . .

by mulberryshoots

The snowstorm over the weekend has ended our late-blooming season of glorious blue morning glories. We plant them every year spaced in four columns in front of the barn and watch them climb up the strings to the deck on the 2nd floor where they sprawl along the decking, three dozen blooms at a time. From the third floor, we look down on them during the month of October, especially striking on foggy, grey days. They still bloom when just about everything else has gone by.

As I looked at these photos that G. took last week, I was reminded that the unique thing about morning glories is that they open in the morning, and by the late afternoon or early evening, the flower closes for the last time.

Isn’t that also the way our own days go by? We wake up and live our day and then it closes. When the day is over, it’s over. Our experience for each day opens and closes just like these glowing blooms.

They’re rather inspirational, don’t you agree?