free at last . . .

by mulberryshoots

Yesterday was a good day! My shiatsu practitioner had worked on me the day before to move my energy up from where it was stuck. Wow! I felt the impact of it right away. And so did those around me! I found myself expressing what I truly felt. About being ignored or taken for granted. Then, standing up for myself with someone who had a habit of making digs at me. Or turning things back on me like teflon when I tried to communicate or break through defenses that were old and hardened. It wasn’t pleasant. But, like one’s body cleansing itself, I felt lighter afterwards. Cleaner. Leaving the past behind and not dragging it along any more just for sentimental reasons.

Today, I’m done processing it all. The energy is regrouping. I can feel it. Today, I know what’s fundamentally important to me. Not distracted by the holidays. Nor running around so much. More grounded. My next shiatsu appointment is scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving. I give thanks today and every day for my life. And can’t wait to see where this new energy will take me from here.

Postscript: I did an I-Ching reading on this situation today and here is the text:
Hexagram 58: The Joyous, Line 1
Contented Joyousness. Good fortune.

“A quiet, wordless, self-contained joy, desiring nothing from without and resting content with everything, remains free of all egotistic likes and dislikes. In this freedom lies good fortune, because it harbors the quiet security of a heart fortified within itself.”