and what if there is?. . .

by mulberryshoots

In the previous post, “what if there’s no empty?” I wrote about the possibility of looking at our internal reserves as “limitless.” Then, today, I ran into feeling like those reserves were indeed limited. Here’s what the I-Ching says about Limitation from Hexagram 60, (Wilhelm edition.)

…”But in limitation we must observe due measure. If a (wo)man should seek to impose galling limitations upon her own nature, it would be injurious. And if (s)he should go too far in imposing limitations on others, they would rebel. Therefore, it is necessary to set limits even upon limitations.”

So there.

It is two days before Thanksgiving. The funny roughness in the way the car has been running for the last few months is finally going to be addressed by a tune-up this afternoon. Maybe just in time but not the best time to be without a car. I’ve got most of the groceries bought and ready to go, only a list of a few other items that will only grow by the time I get to the store. Vacuuming and making guest beds is next.

Meanwhile, NANOWRIMO has bitten the dust, at least for now. I’m only up to about 35,000 words which doesn’t really matter, because I’m drawing a blank for what happens next to the characters. I don’t even think they know what will happen, to tell you the truth. Not really worried though, because there’s just too much swirling around me to even think about writing just now.

Mostly other people’s stuff, sad to say. It can’t be helped sometimes when you’re loaded up with other people’s stuff. This is a common experience for all women, I think, and especially if you are a mother–and even more because of the holidays! So, I’ve hit the wall and my reserves have creaked to a halt. . . because there’s no space for me left. That’s when I know I have to come up for air. My own air.

So, limitation is kicking in today. Setting limits for myself so that I don’t let myself feel pushed out of the picture of my life altogether. I’m not really complaining about it, just acknowledging a necessary correction, slightly overdue. Here I thought I had myself in hand. When it wasn’t really as much in my grasp as I had hoped.

So, maybe it can cut both ways: that in certain instances, you can indeed be limitless in your patience and commitment. And in others, with different circumstances piling up around you, you find yourself too swamped to get enough air. Today is one of those days.

But I’m going to take care of that tout suite! That means “right away” in French!