currency. . .

by mulberryshoots

If you watch TV, movies or listen to the news, you might get a sense that what makes the world go ’round is making money. Or having money. Or having enough money. There are the big Wall Street financial bandits like Madoff, Enron, etc. who have made off in the last few years with not only a lot of money, but also with the trust and goodwill of the public about our financial institutions. Even the politicians seem to have been had (Obama.) Where is this going, you may ask? Not this post–but the economic world we live in?

I think about currency too. What kind of energy we expend in the name of making money or even saving it. How much of our waking hours are taken up with these efforts? What about the currency of time? Or the amount of currency that we trade for boredom, for example? It’s easy to go “shopping for sales” when you’re bored, or a little scared about the immediate future. Or feeling deprived because of some recent personal disappointment. That’s when we want to spend. I think it’s human nature to respond this way. Just as it is to eat something that we love in order to compensate, or over compensate for some sort of shortcoming–either in expectations or in our hopes and dreams.

So, what are we using for currency these days? Most of us use our debit cards, rationalizing that we’re really paying cash for necessities like groceries, books, magazines (these are necessities to me anyhow.) What about other currency, like patience or understanding? I’ve been pretty short this month. Wasting energy by being impatient with things that never change. Voicing frustration for things that don’t matter that much, for example, a sluggish bathroom drain.

We have lots of kinds of currency to spend. Or to save. I guess it might help if we thought about it a little more, wouldn’t it?