imperfect . . .

by mulberryshoots

Sometimes I feel like I’m good at talking a good line, such as the post on “compassion” below. While in real time, I still find myself being impatient and intolerant when I’d rather be more understanding. Why is this, I wonder to myself? I “get it” intellectually about what I think is the best path to follow. But unfortunately, I’m trying to speed down that road rather than being calm and noticing the flowers in bloom along the path.

I guess you can’t change nature by nurture all the time. What I can do, however is to a)be less judgmental and harsh on myself; b) curb my impatience and c) compensate for my shortfall just by realizing that’s what it is. And let go of perfection as the standard I expect of myself all the time.

Oh, and go out to dinner together at a place here in town where the owner of the Chinese restaurant makes the homemade dumplings (shray jow) herself. Nice treat for the imperfect in life.