“supposed-bly” . . .

by mulberryshoots

Recently, I heard someone on TV (I think it was a news commentator on CNN or someone they were talking to) say the word, “supposedbly” instead of “supposedly.” The speaker wasn’t aware of it and this comic word stuck in my head as the events of last week unfolded. It made me think about how we get certain ideas in our heads about what we think the best outcome might be for things that we are worried about.

Last week, for example, we had a meeting for which I had thought the best thing for us would be for us to reach a certain conclusion. I even had so much anxiety about it that I asked the Helpers for help as the I-Ching suggests but which I often forget to do. Anyway, the actual outcome was exactly as I had feared. But the impact of it, drawn from observing small details and listening to what others said they planned to do, cast a different light on things. After doing some research when I got home, I was surprised to find that instead of feeling thwarted and defeated, I was re-energized. It felt like a cosmic hand (helper?) had picked me up and set me down on the gameboard facing a different direction.

Yesterday, we also trimmed back the money plant branches that were caught up against the skylight handle, burned by the heat of the sun with no place to grow. I put the clippings into a jug of water to see if they will root. The tree, whose trunk is growing thicker by the day, may now branch OUT rather than having no room to grow UPWARDS. I had worried, superstitiously, that if we pruned it back, it would diminish our luck. Now the tree has breathing space and room to grow, just not necessarily further up, but every which way out on its branches and trunk. And multiply if the clippings supposedbly develop roots as baby plants.

Here we are, instead of things being the way I thought they were “supposed to be,” there are ways that I could not have imagined when my expectations were set in concrete. Transformed in an instant with the help of the Cosmos, I have been given examples of how much wiser it is. I’m going to call this wiser, almost comic relief to things as the way that things are “supposed-bly” meant to be.