happiness is a choice . . .

by mulberryshoots

I almost put an exclamation point on the title of this post today. My college alumnae quarterly had just arrived the other day. In it was a highlight about Lois Markle, an actress for 60 years and quoted her comments about contentment:

“Finding contentment: I was not a happy young woman.
But when I realized that happiness is a choice you can make,
that’s when my life turned around. The older I get, the more
I cherish everything.”

Those of us who might be apprehensive about growing old can rest assured that this kind of wisdom falls into our laps sooner or later. Each day is filled with promise for simple pleasures and the choice we have to be happy. We may not know that the choice is ours. But when we realize that it is, the dark before the dawn disappears. . . forever.