little piano players . . .

by mulberryshoots

Josie at 15 months old with me, Christmas, 2011

My daughter, M., was telling me yesterday about her experience playing Bach at the piano with her daughter, J. on her lap. J., who is going on two-and-a half plinked around on the keys, and when she finished, M. clapped, to which J. beamed a huge smile and then wanted M. to play the piano some more. This description seems like a good model for how to introduce a young child to play music.

As a pianist myself, I have been commenting for some time now that J. has perfect ‘piano hands’–wide palm, long fingers, born to play the piano. If she relishes the playing AND the applause, that’s a good sign, don’t you think?

That got me searching for and finding some truly adorable and impressive Youtube clips of little asian girls playing amazing piano that are inspiring to watch, whatever our age!

Here are a few that I hope you’ll enjoy watching:
1) an amazing 5 year old playing Bach at a sprightly clip:

2) my favorite 8 year old, because she looks so charming and plays so musically:

3) and last but not least, aimi kobayashi at the age of four and in 2008, playing in Moscow:

I hope that these little piano players fill your day with wonder and the sound of music!