for myself . . .

by mulberryshoots

DSC_0832Once a long time ago, (and I’ve written about this before,) someone said to me, “Do it for you, don’t do it for me.” I can’t remember anymore what it was about but it has begun to sink in how often I do things for others–especially when they haven’t asked me to do anything at all. Does this make sense to anybody but me?

I was talking about it with G. last night and G. said, “live your life,” and “keep it simple.” If this blog has been about anything, it has been about these two statements. Ironically, I seem to be the one having the hardest time doing it! I think a big part of the equation is realizing that other people are not like me and that what I am thinking or care about may not in the least coincide or even overlap with their perspectives. I keep wanting to insert “LOL” in between these sentences because I am finding it humorous to still catch myself at this. Honestly.

So today’s thought of the day is to live for myself. To drive to an open house given by a friend at an antique group shop because I want to go. And to enjoy the drive, listening to music and taking it easy. Why has it taken me so long to figure this out?

Postscript: The open house was so much fun, visiting with antique dealers whom I have known for thirty years! The food was fabulous, especially a chicken liver pate with port wine aspic. I asked my friend who made it to send me the recipe. There were actually two group antique shops next to each other that held open houses today. The second one served refreshments too, including homemade wine. One plate held an assortment of gingerbread cookies and I could not resist taking one of them for my husband and also because I wanted to share a photo of this charming creation here on the blog.
goose cookie 2