clean . . .

by mulberryshoots

DSC_1036For Mother’s Day, C. sent me a surprise package from which I was puzzled by because for once, I hadn’t ordered anything from my favorite place to spend money. It was a set of books by Denise Linn that C. later said she found in my “wish list” box which I must have entered in early February. In any case, I’m always game for change and transformation so I’ve started Denise Linn’s 28 day Soul Coaching exercise and am now on Day Three, a day to de-clutter one room or area of your house.

I began in the bedroom, folding and putting clothes away according to how much we used them. I put the screens back up in three of the windows and cleared off the change on the bedside table. Organized and looking spare, I resolved to vacuum a little later and continue after a brief respite to see how much more I could accomplish during this Day Three of De-Cluttering.

It’s funny, but today, I woke up thinking about how our minds work and that I seem to have recurring voices of two people who together account for much suffering in my life. One is now dead and the other I will probably never encounter again. Be that as it may, it’s astounding how often they seem to speak to me on a daily basis, almost as though something inside me can’t help reliving the pain even though there’s nothing to be done about it. So, I had an “Aha!” moment and decided that instead of just removing THINGS and straightening out ROOMS, that the most effective thing to de-clutter was to remove these spirits from inside my head. How? By asking them to leave. Simple as that.

14 Randolph Road PhotoYears ago when I learned about space clearing from Denise Linn, I wanted to clear old and outdated energy from our house. It’s a large Queen Anne Victorian with apartments on the second floor, G.’s piano workshop on the first floor and we live on the third floor. When the apartments were vacant, awaiting new tenants, I lit some smudge sticks made of sage, clapped my hands to loosen dead energy from the walls and then invited any energy that wasn’t friendly or nurturing to us to please leave the premises. I visualized this and I swear, I saw a humongous cloud of green-brownish sludge drift through the open windows and ascend into the atmosphere away from our home. Afterwards, the atmosphere in the rooms felt still, cleaned of stagnant energy.

What if I could do this with these spirit voices too? I sat and spoke to each of them with my eyes closed, surprised to find that neither wanted to leave. In fact, I had to be quite firm that I was done with them and didn’t want them nor memories about them to sap my energy any more. I could hear their voices talking back to me, a cacophony of blame, denial and self-righteousness. Soon, though, it became quiet. Now, I think they’re gone. I’ve managed to de-clutter the nemeses who had resided within my psyche for such a long time. Hoping that things would improve (which they did not) or that things would change (they could not) I let my naive idealism allow them to live on in my memory way past their time. Now they are gone. How great is THAT?

Now, I’m thinking about what a (big) difference a day makes!