“democracy” . . .

by mulberryshoots

stone wall

stone wall

The Republican Party protects the 1-2% of the most wealthy in this country and refuses for them to pay more taxes. They’re against the use of government funds to help those who can’t afford health care or who receive other government help like Social Security and Medicare. They are happy when they’ve “shut down the government,” (Michelle Bachman) and they have no understanding of what their ignorance, arrogance and foolhardiness make us look like to the rest of the world. Never mind the costs their actions cause to millions of working Americans that they could care less about.

Covert racism seems to be at the root of intense bullying Obama has received since he was elected (twice!). David Koch funds and plots against the President’s policies almost like a game to that billionaire, using attention-getting idiots like Ted Cruz, a junior senator from Texas. Cruz can’t even come up with his own ideas to get attention and instead copy-cats Wendy Davis, a fellow Texan who successfully filibustered for eleven hours against tightening abortion laws in Texas. That has catapulted Davis into the limelight to run for Governor of Texas which has alarmed Republicans so greatly that they are already airing nasty videos against her. Other Republicans like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are using the current crisis-after-crisis to fine-tune their candidate platforms to run for the Presidency in 2017. All of these theatrics are being played out while the country teeters on the edge of toppling somewhere no one has ever been before. If I get it, why don’t they?  They don’t care, that’s why.

Worst of all, there are enough people who think alike in these narrow prisms, elect Tea Party ideologues and who don’t care about the country more than their own self-serving agendas. That they wield this much power is appalling. Yet, there seems to be no end in sight to this Herculean problem we have in the country in which we live and work. We must stop being apathetic, hoping it will blow over. We have to vote them all out of office and deal with the gerrymandering of districts that allows them to exist.

In my opinion, what we are living through today is an example of the ugliest and most sordid side of human nature that democracy has to offer.