cast-away! . . .

by mulberryshoots

with new removable boot . . .

with new removable boot . . .

Well, I got both my feet back today. The one that I broke badly in February is finely freed from hard casts which have been replenished since February 20th. When the latest cast was removed today, G. and I were relieved to see that the foot, ankle and leg appeared less swollen than they were three weeks ago. What a relief!

The surgeon took a look at the x-rays that were taken today and declared them to be “awesome!” I don’t know if he meant the erector-set like plates and screws that he had fashioned inside my ankle, holding the broken pieces together or how it was healing. We hope that he meant both.

Anthony, the cast technician, then put a removable boot on the leg, and thus well-cushioned, we made our way to the grocery store and then back home again to the eyrie that we live in on the third floor of our Queen Anne Victorian house.

For the next four weeks, I am to be tender to the freed leg, putting only 25% of my body weight on it at any given time. I think I’m going to treat it as though it were still in the hard cast, doing the simple stretching and rotation exercises three times a day. Physical therapy won’t even begin until after the next visit. It will be at least two months before I can begin to think about driving a car!

In the meantime, I’m grateful for what appears to be uneventful healing: that is, no complications and no worries really, except for a few weeks of restless insomnia due to the heavy cast and underlying anxiety about relieving my foot from its armour.

So tonight, we’re going to celebrate today’s positive outcome by sharing a nice ribeye steak, Yukon creamer potatoes crispy in their skin with butter and garlic salt and homemade cole slaw with cabbage, carrots and golden raisins in a ranch-ey salad dressing with fresh lemon zest.

Yesterday, I discovered a cache of photographs from the holidays in my Dropbox, never having paid much attention to it up to now. Here is a photo worth a thousand words of J., the joy of all of our lives, hopping around on the deck of a house that we stayed in Brewster on the Cape after Christmas last year. Josie on the deck