‘ a room with a view’ . . .

by mulberryshoots

room with a view

There’s nothing like getting away to a tranquil seaside place for a few days. Last night, we attended our granddaughter’s high school graduation in the high school gym, filled with enthusiastic families and friends. G. and I managed to get back and forth from the car, he in a wheelchair and me using a crutch to balance my recovering ankle. Once they announced the scholarships and diplomas, the graduates, in one motion, moved their tassels from one side to another with big grins on their faces. Sweet!

We left and stopped by the little 7-11 and bought a bag of ice and a large bottle of Schweppes ginger ale. Safely back in the place we’re staying in, we quenched our thirst and caught up on our email. The bed had a very firm mattress which was a huge boon for our aching backs. I put some pillows and elevated my foot while I slept.

This morning, we made coffee and cinnamon toast, G.’s standby for breakfast and I went out for the newspaper. Our host stopped by and we had a nice chat. We look forward to the rest of this celebratory weekend and a bonus has been discovering this wonderful place to stay. We’ll be back for sure!