flowers! . . .

by mulberryshoots

flowers 4Sometimes life’s challenges seem to take over and one begins to feel a little overwhelmed. This happened to me this week when we had numerous deadlines to meet that required action on the part of a third party who procrastinated until the last minute. Then, I received notice that another matter that I thought was settled arose again with a mistaken payment that I would have to reimburse, thinking/hoping it had been meant for me. By this time, I had an inflammation on my gum which I had x-rayed at the dentist office on Wednesday only to be told I needed a root canal to save an important tooth–which I had done on Thursday.

Long story short, the dental procedure took a couple of hours in the morning with the novocaine wearing off in the middle of it! They gave me another shot which kept my face and jaw feeling rubbery until almost dinner time. Last night, I took medication that helped a little but still felt achey and sore. I decided to take today as a low-activity day but went to Market Basket to stock up on water since it’s half price there.

When I returned home around lunch time, I received a phone call from a local florist asking if I might be home this afternoon for a delivery. I knew it must be from my sweet children, their family and my granddaughter. And here they are! So thankful (in advance of Thanksgiving) for such thoughtful, sweet women in my family.

THANK YOU TO ALL!! flowers 1

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