milking the american public . . .

by mulberryshoots


Not only has pop culture gone the way of a hand-wringing photo-op for anyone who might have a personal issue on national TV, it now appears that we will be subjected to carefully wrought (scripted) personal stories by political candidates in order to get our vote. And none other than in the bosom of motherhood, no less.

Case in point is this outline of Hillary Clinton’s approach as a candidate to milk her mother’s hardships as an unwanted child to convince people that she understands our problems.


How does the pathos of her grandmother’s rejection of her mother convince us that Mrs. Clinton will come up for a strategy to fight ISIS? What does she think about the world economy teetering, it seems, on the head of a Greek pin? Or, how about what is seeming like standard practice of white police forces abusing power all over the place until they get caught doing it on film?

Heck, we must be pretty gullible as the American public. At least, the politicos who are crafting a new campaign modus operandi sure seem to think so. Why don’t they just show tearjerker movies instead of campaigning in person?

I, for one, have a case of Hillary fatigue. Never mind keeping a lid on Bill. I wonder how many others share that perspective?