ballet! . . .

by mulberryshoots


A cornucopia of ideas has arisen from reading the New York Times this rainy Sunday morning. In the 1960’s, I was fortunate to attend most of the New York City Ballet’s performances while George Balanchine’s works were performed by his hand-picked ballerinas in their prime: Suzanne Farrell, Patricia McBride and Kay Mazzo.

I was reminded of that era while reading a long feature article about Sara Mearns this morning. At the end of the article, it describes a summer visit by the Company to Saratoga Springs in July wherein numerous Balanchine ballets will be performed. In reviewing the calendar, I noticed that there will also be performances of “Goldberg Variations” a ballet set to one of my favorite pieces of music by Bach, choreographed by Jerome Robbins in mid-July.

Looking at the map, Saratoga Springs is about a two and-a-half hour drive from my doorstep. Highway driving and manageable – it’s twice as far as driving to Northampton and I do that easily numerous times a year.

So, I’m tempted to take a mini-vacation to visit this area and see a couple of ballet performances. Who knew that something so luscious and enjoyable from my past could be within reach a few hours from home this summer?