synchronicity to the max! . . .

by mulberryshoots

anna & grammy

We just had a wonderful dinner visit with our granddaughter, Anna who will be going back to Johns Hopkins University in a couple of weeks.

I wanted to play the Schumann piece, “Abschied”  for her and as I started playing, I heard her say, “I know this piece!” and then she started whistling the melody at the same time as I played it! Turns out she studies to classical music at school and this somewhat obscure piece was downloaded from Spotify and saved in her phone on one of her playlists. So, it turns out that she was listening to the piece before I came across it and started playing it on the piano!

Afterwards, over fudge brownie frozen yogurt, we downloaded playlists from my ITunes music library (>90 selections) to a new flashdrive which she took with her when she left. We couldn’t get over the coincidence of her familiarity with the Schumann piece that I played for her!

I happened to have a spare CD with the Schumann piece on it, and it was playing in her car as she pulled out of our driveway. Synchronicity to the max for sure!

Postscript: here’s a YouTube link to Claudio Arrau playing “Abschied” :