“OrchidDelirium” exhibition . . .

by mulberryshoots

a "pathiopedilum" (lady slipper) orchid that C. gave me . . .

a “pathiopedilum” (lady slipper) orchid that C. gave me . . .

A couple of years ago, I drove down to the New York Botanical Society from central Massachusetts to see an exhibition on Chrysanthemums. I wrote a post about it with many photos of this amazingly beautiful display of this favored flower of Far East Asian cultures (China and Japan.)

Today, I read an article about an exhibition of orchids showing in the same Enid Haupt Hall as the “Mums Show” and thought I’d post it, especially as they have a photo (scroll down in the article) of a “paphiopedilum” orchid – otherwise known as “lady slipper” orchid very similar to one that my daughter, C. gave me before Christmas.

It is still going strong on our kitchen table!