an antidote to depression . . .

by mulberryshoots

majestic elm trees by the Mississippi River

majestic elm trees by the Mississippi River

Was feeling a bit blue this morning and went out to do some errands. While I was in Barnes & Noble, a local hangout of sorts, I picked up a copy of a magazine, “Psychology Today” and read an article called, “It’s Not All About You!”

It struck a chord, I admit sheepishly and this particular passage about cognitive therapy sounded like perfect pitch to me:

“. . . cognitive behaviorial therapy is about, yes, examining your thoughts, but also learning to take them less seriously, to look at how they might be inaccurate or silly or useless, to stop taking what happens around you so personally, to realize it’s not all about you.”

So, maybe thinking (ruminating/brooding) about what ails us, and spending lots of money talking to a therapist about it so that we can change how we think about it (don’t take things personally and don’t try to change what you can’t) might work for lots of people. But what else?

By getting out in Nature and really seeing beauty around us, appreciating and experiencing awe for all that the Universe provides for us little beings on earth – that’s not that hard to do and puts us in our place at the same too. Plus, it’s free!~

Sounds good to me!