miracle . . .

by mulberryshoots

a "little lady" miniature maidenhair fern that arrived yesterday . . .

a “little lady” miniature maidenhair fern that arrived yesterday . . .

Well, even if you were tired of reading so many posts about making bone broth recently, here’s an update. I was discouraged on Monday morning when I weighed myself as a baseline before starting the mini-fasting regimen. It seems I’d gained about seven pounds from earlier in the year due to stress-related reasons, I think.

Anyhow, that was on Monday. Today is Thursday. I’ve been having warm bone broth for two meals, breakfast and lunch. Some tamari almonds as a snack. For dinner, I’ve been eating light hi-protein and vegetable meals. Nothing after seven p.m.

Today on Thursday, I stepped on the scale and looked down. Stepped off it and then came back fifteen minutes later. Yep, I’ve lost FIVE POUNDS in less than four days.

P-L-U-S, I will confess that I cheated a few times because of high stress levels due to stuff you don’t even want to know about and had some Magnum chocolate almond ice cream bars from the freezer too.

STILL LOST WEIGHT! I’m (really) psyched!

FYI, Dr. Kellyann’s 21 day diet claims you’ll lose fifteen pounds and four inches if you fast two days a week for the three weeks you’re following the plan. That’s about five pounds a week, right? Truly amazing. I wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t happen to me right here during the first week! Hope it continues!