a pair of ‘mums’ . . .

by mulberryshoots

a pair of 'mums' in our kitchen . . .

a pair of ‘mums’ in our kitchen . . .

Finally, we’re getting a few days of rain this week. After a summer of dry, hot weather, it’s a real shift to grey days with intermittent rain.

I like it.

It makes me think about what is truly meaningful in one’s life . . . And it’s pretty simple it seems:

A home that is a haven from the vagaries of the external world.

Meals that are easy to prepare and enjoyable to share with someone you love every night for dinner.

Not watching the news on television when the harpiness of it all gets to be too much.

Not chasing after what’s unavailable or can’t be changed – not in the past and not in the present either.

Being content with who we are and what we have – and being thankful for it all.

A couple of chrysanthemums from my favorite florist that cost me $2 a stem.