shakespeare? . . .

by mulberryshoots

 I’ve been thinking a lot about the latest “bombshell” in this troubled campaign and am impressed by the Shakespearan tragedy notes to the latest developments: It seems that either Huma Abedin (Clinton’s surrogate 2nd daughter) was careless about sending State Dept. emails to her private email at home so that she could print them out there (she has a 5 year old child) to give to Clinton the next day; or somehow her weird house-husband, Anthony Weiner spied on her and somehow purloined those emails onto his laptop. Either way, she’s not supposed to have sent them to her home. So that’s not sounding too good for her regardless of what the content might be.

Plus, they would never have surfaced anyhow if good ol’ Weiner hadn’t been so dumb as to be sexting (and getting caught) a fifteen year old with his young son beside him while he took photos of himself. Honestly?!

Meanwhile, Obama and the Democratic cheerleaders (Biden, Sanders?, Michelle Obama) will be making a blitz throughout the Swing States this coming week, come Hell or Highwater. Monday, Comey has been requested to reveal more information by four Democratic Senators in a letter sent to him this weekend. Oh, and a former White House lawyer has also sued Comey for violation of the Hatch Act.

Trump is dancing around as though he’s going to make up the shortfall that he has created for himself across the board. So, since we can’t do anything about any of this (at least I know I can’t because I already voted – and I would not change it) I’m going to let go of all my angst and just see how it all plays out. It’s WAY BEYOND any of us at this point, don’t you agree? Except to go and vote if you haven’t already done so.

P.S.  But I gotta to say that I’m not watching Kellyanne Conway even one more time on TV. I’ve had enough!