a new year’s apple pie! . . .

by mulberryshoots


Today is January 3rd, a Wednesday, and I thought it was a good time to go through the fridge and straighten it out after the holidays. In the middle shelf were two unopened pie crusts that I hadn’t needed for the mince pies that I had made and frozen earlier. In the fruit bin, I plucked out the Harry and David pears and apples, putting them into an old wooden bowl on the bottom shelf – and about six Honey Crisp apples that needed a new lease on life.

So, I peeled the apples, cored them and sliced them thinly. Made a mixture of flour (a small handful, light brown sugar (same) and a resplendent sprinkling of Penzey’s Indonesian cinnamon that my daughter, C. had given me.) Yum! After consultation with G., I added a generous handful of golden raisins (we love them plumped up and warm in baked goods!

One pie crust came out of its sleeve and cooperated as I patted it into my glass pie pan. The other one was kind of stuck together and unshapely after I smoothed it out on the board I was using. So, I took out my pie crimper roller thingie and cut generous strips of pie crust to cover the top. A brush with half and half with sparkling sugar sprinkled on top (love that stuff!) remembering to insert tiny pats of unsalted butter into the holes peeking out on the crust. Into the oven it went with an aluminum sheet underneath in case it drips and overflows.

Usually when I make apple pie, I prefer to use Cortland apples. They are crisp when raw and melt down to a beautiful apple pie. These Honey Crisp ones are probably not going to do that but they should be tasty, nevertheless.

So, in two swipes, the fridge is clean (YAY!) and there’s an apple pie happily baking away in the oven. And this is even before we have lunch!

Happy New Year!