“chicken alphabet soup”. . .

by mulberryshoots



It feels like we’ve been eating too much beef lately. It’s good, but yesterday while I was in the grocery store, I saw a small whole chicken and thought it might provide a nice change.

Last night for dinner, we had a roast chicken with stuffing, onions, carrots and tiny potatoes. Today, I’m making a chicken noodle soup to go with leftover chicken sandwiches for supper. (Since we favor dark meat – thighs and drumsticks, wings and so on, we usually have a good amount of breast meat left over.)

But instead of re-cooking the breast meat into a soup that would dry it out and make it tough to eat, I’m going to slice the cold chicken thinly and make old-fashioned chicken sandwiches, not chicken salad, just chicken with Hellmann’s and toasted oatmeal bread.

For the soup, I’m going to add chicken broth to the carcass pieces and leftover onions and carrots. Simmer gently. Removed the carcass pieces and harvested any leftover chicken from it, placing the chicken pieces back into soup broth. For a playful touch, I found some miniature alphabet macaroni in the pantry and cooked it separately.  I added it to the soup, tasted for seasoning and added a little salt.

At dinner time, I served bowls of chicken alphabet soup with our sliced chicken sandwiches alongside. Simple and frugal. I’ll have to think of what to have for dinner this weekend. It’s not Super Bowl weekend yet so I think we’ll keep eating light. Or almost light.