cucumber fun! . . .

by mulberryshoots


Today on Facebook, I came across this stimulating post – about using cucumber halves, seeds removed, to serve as “sandwich” covers for fillings of your choice. Tonight, I used one long cucumber, peeled it so it looked striped, rinsed and cut off the ends.

Then, I used about half a block of cream cheese, softening it while adding tiny chopped red onion, fresh chives, parsley and dried dill. Squeezed a tiny bit of fresh lemon juice in it to make it more “spreadable.” I used a paper towel to dry out the inside lengths of the cucumber – which, when wet, would not allow anything to adhere to it. I used my clean hands to spread the cream cheese and then added the contents of a package of smoked salmon. YUM! It looked fabulous! I closed the two sides together and sliced it in half, one for each of us. I’m also thinking of slicing them in half lengthwise to make them more manageable to hold and eat.

In addition, I had some avocadoes that were finally ripe and I used two of them, some fresh chopped tomato, red onion, tabasco, fresh lime juice and mashed it roughly with a fork to make guacamole, not wanting it to be too mushy. I had a pack of spinach-kale chips which I spread around the dip. .

Finally, to add a little warmth to this light supper, I heated up a can of cream of tomato soup to accompany the cold vegetables dishes.

Light, healthy, tasty = and pretty easy to put together! Thanks to my friend’s post on Facebook!