“veal on the ‘bo-nah’ piccata” . . .

by mulberryshoots

DSCN0547Once, I heard someone on TV cooking show who was Italian say, “veal on the bo-nah,” meaning veal with a bone in the middle of the piece. That cut is not all that easy to find either. Yesterday, I picked up a nice-looking piece and will prepare it piccata style tonight.

This recipe can be made with veal scallopine filets too. In order for the veal to stay tender, I like to lightly flour and shake off excess, sliding the veal into a skillet with melted, slightly sizzling skillet of butter and olive oil. Brownig it gently keeps it from constricting too fast and toughening as it’s cooked.

I let it cook slowly, turning it over with a meat fork a few time until both sides were browned, but the veal was visibly pink. I placee the veal on a dish and added a splash of madeira to deglaze the pan. (Piccata recipes often call for marsala, but I like the richer sweetness of the madeira instead.) I added a couple of dollops of unsalted butter and a tablespoon of capers to the pan. Swirled the sauce around on medium low heat until the glaze was combined and aromatic. When we were ready to eat, I sliced the piece in half and plated the veal, spooning the madeira caper glaze on top.

With it, I’ve pan-grilled a couple of corn muffins so the sides are crispy, served on the side with a sliced napa cabbage salad made of toasted ramen noodles (break dried noodles into a skillet of warmed butter and toast) and sweet-sour dressing (walnut oil, fresh lemon, champagne vinegar, garlic and honey.)

Honestly, this supper was one of the best ones we’ve had in a long time! YUM!