eggplant parm “stacks”. . .

by mulberryshoots

DSCN8392Awhile ago, I made eggplant parm but not piled together in a baking pan. I thought that it might do just as well to fry eggplant slices, dredged in flour and shaken free of excess; then submereged in fresh eggs beaten lightly together, and fried in vegetable oil sizzling in a hot skillet on the stove. I drained each slice when it was cooked golden brown and let them drain on parchment paper lining a baking sheet.DSCN8389

As they cooled, I thought, why not make “short stacks” like pancakes, three at a time with a little tomato sauce seasoned with basil between each slice? Then, sprinkled on some grated mozzarella cheese, topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Each stack looked like a nice serving, and was not submerged in a baking pan of gooey sauce, cheese and so on.

After putting together the short stacks, I baked the eggplant cutlets in a medium oven (350 degrees) between a half hout and 45 minutes until golden brown and bubbly. Not too much tomato sauce but just enough to bind the eggplant and add some flavor.

Along with the eggplant parm, we toasted an “everything” bagel and enjoyed it with our supper.  YUM!