Gabrielle Hamilton’s New Year’s Day meal of Steak Tartare & Pommes Anna

by mulberryshoots

01pommes-anna-articleLargeNew Year’s Day, 2019.

Gabrielle Hamilton writes about making Steak Tartare and Pommes Anna for a meal to start the year. Yum! Can’t think of anything more appetizing for me!



Postscript: My steak tartare was very tasty. I used a tried and true recipe from years past: freshly ground beef (85%); chopped anchovies, garlic salt, cracked pepper, Worcestershire sauce, fresh egg yolk, chopped red onion. Mixed well with more cracked pepper on top when served on Pepperidge Farm thinly sliced white toast.

The Pommes Anna were crispy on the outside but not as tasty inside as my own pan-fried skillet potatoes (cut on the large blade of a box grater, cooked and crispy on all side with some judicious turning in the skillet.

I’m glad that I came across Gabrielle Hamilton’s suggestion for this menu to enjoy on New Year’s Day. Happy 2019! Will repeat again next year!