turkey burgers! . . .

by mulberryshoots


Can’t believe we haven’t tried turkey burgers before now. My nephew cooks them up which he eats with baked Japanese sweet potatoes. I bought some ground turkey and made patties up for our lunch: I grated some minced vidalia onion and added it to the turkey; sprinkled Lawry’s garlic salt, pepper and some plain panko bread crumbs. After cracking an egg into the bowl, I used a large fork to blend the ingredients together. Then, I molded them into patties, placing them into a container with parchment paper, folding the paper between layers. Set them into the fridge before cooking.

I cooked them over medium high heat in a skillet, toasted G.’s roll and sliced up some red onion. He added Grey Poupon coarse mustard to the turkey burger and gave a thumbs up on the combination. I ate mine without a roll and mixed up some Hellmann’s mayonnaise with fresh lemon juice which was super tasty with the turkey burger. A keeper for future meals – set the remaining patties in the freezer!

Forgot to take a photo of ours so included this photo from http://udderlydeliciousmilk.com/products/poultry/