“pillow (covering) talk” . . .

by mulberryshoots


Do you sometimes get the urge to change the cushions on your sofa but don’t want to pay $49 a pop for new covers? I had three 20 X 20 inch pillows that I found at TJ Maxx in June.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of changing the look and using some Japanese fabric that I’ve collected over the years. As I wrapped one up to preview how it might look, I folded the back together like a gift wrap with straight pins. I did another one in a different fabric, and then the third.

To fasten them semi-permanently, I’ll probably sew them lightly together or even try out some double-sided fabric tape for easy removal later. This process also skips having to dig out the sewing machine, hand hemming and wasting fabric that you can’t use for anything else – except to make pincushions!

I’m posting this description and photos to illustrate how easy it is! And how flexible this “gift wrap system” might be for those who like to change things around a lot – but not having to cut into fabric that will be useless for anything else later. These fabrics can also used later on as table runners or coverings to hide the foodstuffs in your pantry!

Oh, and the dimensions for each piece of fabric were approximately 28-30 inches length of a 44-45 inch wide piece of fabric. So, for a little less than a yard of fabric, who knows what the possibilities might be?

P.S. I’m staying with the three blue striped “covers” for now.