beef vegetable soup on a rainy Sunday. . .

by mulberryshoots

It’s been raining hard all day – and it looks like it’s going to keep raining during the late afternoon kickoff for the Patriots vs. Cowboys football game. So, I put together a robust beef vegetable soup for our dinner tonight:IMG_0144

1. Browned a chopped Vidalia onion in olive oil

2. Added four large beef rib soup bones to brown

3. Added spring water to cover, frozen mixed vegetables, a can of stewed diced tomatoes and stirred the soup together, letting it simmer with the top on.

4. Cut up small yellow potatoes into fourths with the skins on; after a couple of hours, removed the soup bones, separated the beef pieces from the cartilage and bones, added meat back into the soup.

5. Sliced cabbage and added to soup. Tasted for flavor and added 2 spoonfuls of  beef flavor “Better than Bouillion” to deepen the beef taste. Simmered soup, covered for another hour or so.

Will serve for supper with sliced Pannetonne bread on the side. YUM