supper from the freezer & pantry~!

by mulberryshoots

IMG_0693IMG_0697Tonight’s supper is a pantry/freezer meal. It’s called “American Chop Suey” for reasons that are beyond me – OR Hungarian goulash (ditto.) Anyhow, I defrosted ground beef and 2/3rds of a green pepper from the freezer. Found a partial box of Farfalle pasta, Ragu pizza sauce and Del Monte’s diced tomatoes and an onion in the pantry. From the fridge, a fresh unopened pack of pizza cheeses.

Although the dish is pretty straightforward, there are a couple of issues that account for it being really great tasting or mezza mezza: that is, cooking an onion, garlic, green pepper beef mix with drained diced tomatoes and a splash of pizza sauce, being careful to drain the mixture of too much juice before adding the pasta.

Second, for the first time, I added a good handful of cheeses into the beef mix before
adding the pasta. Super important is making sure the pasta is drained WELL. The
Farfalle was cooked al-dente, squeezed dry of excess water and gently folded into the
meat/cheese sauce. A big handful of cheeses went on top and then baked in a 375
oven for almost an half an hour. It was really tasty! We ate it with thick slices of
toasted, buttered homemade bread.