homemade hummus – 2nd try! . . .

by mulberryshoots

IMG_0714During the “stay-at-home” timeframe, I’ve used my trusty Cuisinart more than I have the whole twenty years up to now. I’ve made six loaves of bread, using the dough blade. It does an okay job of mixing the dough and processing the kneading part. It gets warm though, and the bread dough is elastic (and warm) when I set it in the large red mixing bowl to rise.

I’ve also used it to make hummus, the first time from chickpeas soaked, boiled and peeled which produced hummus to die for. So I thought I would be peeling chickpeas forever.

But wait! I bought two cans of Goya chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and made a new batch of hummus this morning. And guess what? I guess we’ll have to die twice! It is REALLY GOOD. Here’s what I did: a) drained a 15 oz. can of chickpeas; b) peeled and cut a large clove of garlic into little bits. c) stirred up Tahini and measured out a half cup; d) squeezed a lemon and saved the juice.

Put all of the ingredients into the processor. Added a dollop of good olive oil, Lawry’s garlic salt and some cracked pepper. Pulse until mixed, taste and added more lemon juice. Pulsed some more – but did not over process it with the “On” button.

The hummus was just as coarse textured (my preference) as the batch made from peeled chickpeas. YAY! And it only took about 10 minutes. Will be served with pumpernickel toast, fresh carrot sticks and some tomato soup for our lunch.

Now that I’m using it so often, I’ve made a place on my kitchen counter for the Cuisinart to live instead of having to lug it from the pantry every time I use it.

So, two new things during the quarantine: home made hummus and home-baked sandwich and cinnamon swirl bread. I’ve been tempted to get a Kitchenaid Pro 6 quart mixer to make the bread (2 min. = 12 minutes of kneading,) but I think I’ll keep using the Cuisinart until it wears out. Nice appliance.