by mulberryshoots

SNOWSTORM SOUP! Making a big pot of my vegetable beef soup for us to eat during the Nor-easter we’re supposed to get starting tonight and tomorrow. Here’s the basic recipe: 1) brown a beef shin in vegetable oil 2) add chopped vidalia onion, carrots, celery, green beans, zucchini squash and any veggies in the fridge that would go well; 3) add 2 cans of Hunt’s diced tomatoes (with oregano, etc.); 4) add 4 cans of filtered water; 5) add one Knorr beef gelatin pak. Simmer all day.

When the beef shin is cooked through, I take it out and cut up the beef pieces, discarding the cartilage and the bone. Add cut up potatoes mid-way and fresh cabbage at the end. Taste for whether the broth is too bland and add more Knorr beef gel if needed.

Enjoy with cornbread, biscuits or popovers!