pan-fried barbecue chicken wings . . .

by mulberryshoots

Cooking ahead for dinner tonight: I made barbecue chicken wings according to the pan cooked recipe by Jacques Pepin but changed the sauce that went on top of the cooked wings. In a dry non-stick skillet, I placed the wings, underside down and browned for 10 minutes. Turning them over, I made sure to move them around and to brown the second side well. In a bowl, I mixed together Osawha organic soy sauce, Chinkiang black vinegar and a healthy glug of honey. I stirred that together with a tablespoon of Siraicha sauce. When the wings were cooked on both sides, I brushed on the marinade with a basting brush and made sure there was enough to drip down in the skillet to cook both sides at once. I turned them over to even out the glaze/browning step. And here they are! If you’d like to make them crispier, I guess you could run the pan under the broiler before serving. Don’t think they need it though.